Mens Fashion The Henri Lloyd Brand

Henri Lloyd is a fashionable brand of clothing whose speciality is the creation of technical clothing for the sailing and yachting community. They sell a wide range of clothing, including jackets, t-shirts, polo shirts, and jeans, making them an ideal choice of clothing designer for any person interested in fashion. In other words, the brand is not solely the reserve of people who practice water sports.

Indeed, in recent times the Henri Lloyd brand has distanced itself somewhat from the stereotypical nautical theme and by doing so has managed to make quite a splash in the fashion world.

Henri Lloyd began making clothing during the 1960s, in the up and coming cosmopolitan city of Manchester, in the UK. During those times, Manchester was becoming a city renowned for its forward thinking, culturally interesting, and vibrant atmosphere, and the Henri Lloyd brand of clothing suited the environment perfectly.

Although the name of the company indicates otherwise, the brand is the brainchild of Henri Strzelecki, of Polish origin. Strzelecki, himself an avid fan of sailing, identified a demand for waterproof clothing, which could cater to the needs of the yachting fraternity, which meant clothing needed to be both technically sound and fashionable. He managed to achieve the perfect balance between technical clothing (that could withstand cold and wet weather) and fashionable clothing, and this theme is still apparent in the new ranges of clothing produced today by the Henri Lloyd Company.

Henri Lloyd is unique within its industry because they have a much wider appeal than other manufacturers of sailing apparel. Indeed, we see the brand mentioned in leading fashion magazines, to the same extent that they appear in sailing, diving, and other water sports, magazines. In part, the fashion status ascribed to the brand is creditable to popular fashion movements in the football community during the late 1990s. Football fans throughout the country sport Henri Lloyd clothing much as their idols sport their uniforms and this spurned an interest in the brand within mens fashion circles.

During the early noughties, Henry Lloyd began producing the Henri Lloyd Jeans series. This line of clothing produced high quality, tailored, jeans in classic cuts. Innovation is part of the Henri Lloyd brand, and the bright designs and colours within the HL jeans range are testament to their forward thinking sense of fashion. Indeed, in 2009, they proved to be one of the most popular items for fashion lovers everywhere. So much so, in fact, that some of the most significant fashion designers have sought to collaborate with the Henri Lloyd brand, in order to create some of the most stunning lines of technical clothing ever seen.

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