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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

One of the tough processes couples have to go through before tying the knot is the wedding planning process. Choosing a venue has proven a hard nut to crack for most people. The wrong choice of venue can end up ruining your big day one way or another. Problems resulting from that include insufficient seating space for your guests or too much space than required for the occasion. It is therefore important to think carefully for a given amount of time before picking your venue. This can be a year or several months before the event to allow you prepare financially as well as budget for the wedding.

Many issues arise that you need to settle before picking a perfect wedding venue. But first, you need to know what kind of venue you would like to book. Early reservations is mandatory in case you are eyeing one of those serene wedding grounds for your special occasion since they are always on high demand throughout the year. Here are some valuable information regarding great wedding venues.

The number of guests expected in the wedding should be your initial factor to consider with regards to the venue choice. Secondly, is the place accessible or not? The essence of proper roads is to allow easy accessibility by both esteemed guests and the bride and groom. Informal, formal or traditional set ups are some of the set ups where your venue can fall under depending on your requirements. This way you will be able to either go urban or rural with your wedding, whichever is convenient for you and the guests.

Another important factor important not to overlook is the weather. Your desire may be to hold the wedding in the open air or outdoors such as at the beach, poolside or a rooftop. With such outdoor sites, the rain can really embarrass you if you don’t account for the weather in your wedding plans. You can be smart and have a backup plan such as a tent o a rented hall nearby in case you are faced with a situation. The dressing matters too, especially if you would like your guests to be comfortable, hence inform them of the venue early enough.

Another requirement that comes with the venue choice for your wedding is the parking. Is the space enough for your guests to park their automobiles as they grace the occasion? Such a situation is very common mostly in the urban areas where congestion as well as traffic snarl ups are the order of the day. The key to a good wedding full of memories is a good venue, therefore explore various options for the right choice.


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Turning Pet Fur Into Diamonds – Things You Need To Know

Recently, cremation diamonds are a famous choice for a meaningful memory of your family, friends and pets that have passed on. But you probably have some questions in mind, specifically with regards to your pets, and we’re here to answer some of them.

First of all, what is a pet gem?

Pet gems or pet diamonds are Zircons, processed using your pet’s remains and specialized tools. It’s your pet ashes which create the color of the gemstone.

So can you choose the color of the stone?

No, the color is determined by the chemical composition of your pet’s fur and by the atmosphere during the process – which adds up to its being personal and true essence of your pet.

So are you going to have a genuine diamond or gemstone?

Again, you are going to get a natural zircon and not cubic zirconia.

How can you be sure it’s your pet that in the pet gem?

Be assured that all legitimate pets memorial diamond makers offer trustworthy services and takes quality control seriously. Besides, this industry wouldn’t exist if they can’t ensure that your pet gem was created from your own pet.

How much of your pets ashes will they need?

A lot of them will only ask for at least 1-2 tablespoons of your pet’s remains, they will also give you whatever’s left after the process.

What are the sizes of finished pet diamonds?

Most of the finished pet gems are approximately 5mm and will weigh one carat, but there are also some pet gem makers who are able to create larger ones up to 7mm.

What are some of the unusual cuts available for a pet gem?

Most pet gem makers are able to provide you with options such as squares, ovals, checkerboard, rounds, marquise, and a lot more.

Why is it more expensive to get the fancy shapes?

Fancy shapes like triangles, pears and squares need huge pieces of rough zircon crystals to create a decent size of 5mm stone.

Why are zircons used for pet gems?

Because zircons are the closest pet gems can get to a real diamond when it comes to performance and characteristics. And a properly cut natural zircon can sometimes rival the beauty of a real diamond at a fraction of a price.

How long does it take to make one?

Most pet gem makers are able to provide quick service especially if they employ a decent amount of workers – but if you are aiming for a specific deadline or schedule, you can always work it out with them and get a specific estimate.

Source: pets memorial diamonds

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Monogrammed Jewelry Etiquette

Monogrammed jewelry comes with a very personal and traditional detail, but is it true that there’s etiquette involved? Certainly! But what basis does this etiquette have?

Plenty of things are involved in monogramming etiquette, including letter sizes, correct sequence of initials, whether or not the couple is heterosexual, and all the others. Confused by the possibilities? They’re not really that difficult, but you do need know more about monogramming.

Monogramming is actually the world’s earliest form of identification, going back well into the times of the Greeks and Romans. It has served a lot of purposes, from being a type of currency in the barter system to being a signature for royals and artists, and more. Perhaps the most obvious role of monograms today is to identify properties, from handkerchiefs to yes, jewelry. Of course, we know that they are usually decorative, and that’s why monogramming is very popular in gift-giving.

Single-letter Monograms

Conventionally, one-letter monograms represent the last name. That holds for both men and single women. Today, most single-letter monograms for unmarried women feature the first letter of their first name.

Three-letter Monograms

Modern monograms are usually come in traditional Victorian forms, meaning they contain three letters. The arrangement of these letters depend on two factors – marital status and the sizes of the letters in the monogram.

One-size Letters

If a monogram contains letters of the same size, the those letters should be the first of the monogram owner’s first, middle and last name, in that specific order. Also, this setup is for unmarried men and unmarried women.

Big Surname Letter at the Center

Single men and women must use the first letters of their first, last and middle names in that particular sequence. And the surname should always be the centered and biggest font.

There are two concepts in terms of married couples. One, in the “ladies first” tradition, is that the bride’s first initial has to be on the left of the surname initial, while the groom’s first initial is placed on the right. Historically, this style is commonly used in linens.

A more modern setup is the groom’s first initial coming before the bride’s, to follow the tradition of Mr. & Mrs. Although used on tableware and glasses before, this is now commonly used on jewelry. For married women, the woman traditionally uses the initial of her maiden name as her middle initial in a three-letter monogram. Or she can use the initials of her first name, married name and middle name. Finally, for gay couples, the initials of both their names will be taken together and used as the surname.